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Guild Information
HL Corujja is guild leader of Vikings.
The guild was founded on Heroserv on 22 December 2023.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
the Leader
HL Corujja
Hero Druid 2026 Online
Hero Knight 2374 Offline
Syr Lincoln'Rusha
Paladin 2086 Offline
a Vice-Leader
Cobra D'agua
Hero Druid 1921 Offline
HL Anjiinha Do Mal
Druid 1856 Online
Sir Tuka
Hero Knight 2008 Offline
a Member
Akame Demoniaca
Knight 1037 Offline
Akari Wolf
Druid 1590 Offline
Hero Druid 2200 Offline
Black Widow
Hero Druid 2154 Offline
Cobra D'aguaa
Hero Druid 1578 Offline
Cobra D'aguac
Hero Druid 2013 Offline
Cobra D'aguacc
Hero Druid 8 Offline
Cobra D'aguacd
Hero Druid 2215 Offline
Cobra D'aguace
Hero Druid 1922 Offline
Cobra D'aguacf
Hero Druid 2041 Offline
Druid 1404 Offline
Knight 1048 Offline
Da Noite Pro Dia
Druid 611 Offline
Danilo Knight
Knight 1538 Offline
Danilo Paladin
Paladin 1864 Offline
Danilo Sorc
Sorcerer 1658 Offline
Deusa Athena
Knight 1674 Offline
Hero Knight 2023 Offline
Dusk Ranbolt
Hero Druid 2055 Offline
Garota Mafiosa
Hero Knight 1190 Offline
Hero Druid 2395 Online
Hina Tsukii
Druid 1458 Offline
Druid 1161 Offline
HL Aghata Lindinha
Druid 1801 Offline
HL Ahri
Hero Druid 503 Offline
HL Akali
Hero Druid 1689 Offline
HL Alcoolic'AiZeN
Hero Druid 2029 Offline
HL Athena Asamiya
Hero Sorcerer 1017 Offline
HL Bem Bolado
Sorcerer 2001 Offline
HL Brenda
Druid 1720 Offline
HL Cabelos Ruivos
Hero Druid 357 Offline
Hl Dracula
Druid 239 Offline
HL Duda
Hero Sorcerer 1042 Offline
HL Eduarda
Druid 1015 Offline
HL Elise
Druid 1053 Offline
HL Gollpe Baixo
Hero Sorcerer 2029 Offline
HL Hatsune
Knight 2352 Offline
HL Heazz
Hero Druid 1971 Offline
HL Jinx
Druid 8 Offline
HL John Morgan
Hero Druid 2010 Offline
HL Junior Das Trevas
Druid 1941 Offline
HL Kinas
Knight 2251 Offline
HL Lord Morcego
Hero Knight 1641 Offline
HL Lulu
Druid 8 Offline
HL Miss Fortune
Druid 8 Offline
Hl Morcego
Druid 8 Offline
HL Poseidon
Druid 1996 Offline
HL Risen
Sorcerer 2075 Offline
HL Robin Hood
Hero Sorcerer 8 Offline
HL Robin Woodd
Hero Paladin 1823 Offline
Hero Druid 1723 Offline
Hl Seu Pai E Corno
Knight 1568 Offline
HL Soraka
Druid 8 Offline
HL Syr Magmo
Paladin 1881 Offline
Druid 8 Offline
HL Yoda
Hero Druid 1480 Offline
Hero Druid 1991 Offline
Hero Druid 1634 Offline
Hero Paladin 2311 Offline
Kira Ayumi
Knight 1101 Offline
Hero Knight 2055 Offline
Hero Druid 2400 Offline
Hero Druid 2035 Offline
Lobinha Demoniaca
Druid 1011 Offline
ls Knight Strike
Druid 2023 Offline
ls Paladix Off Hell
Paladin 2098 Offline
Hero Druid 1801 Offline
Marshall D Teach
Hero Paladin 2051 Offline
Mercator Spion
Druid 8 Offline
Knight 1077 Offline
Pandinha Furiosa
Knight 1428 Offline
Ranbolt Mage
Hero Druid 2104 Offline
Rb Bolt
Hero Druid 2033 Offline
Rb Bot
Druid 1908 Offline
Hero Knight 2128 Offline
Sra Tsunade
Hero Druid 1173 Offline
Thunder Peny
Hero Druid 2131 Offline
Tiko Boladao
Druid 1759 Offline
Tikomo Nomato
Druid 2049 Offline
Vb Beatrixie
Knight 2089 Offline
Druid 1690 Offline
Ze Da Manga
Hero Sorcerer 1035 Offline

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