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The Lost Canvas

Guild Information
Nao Vale Chorar is guild leader of The Lost Canvas.
The guild was founded on Heroserv on 8 September 2019.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
the Leader
Dadinho Louko
Hero Knight 1663 Offline
Nao Me Sigaa
Hero Paladin 1953 Offline
Nao Vale Chorar
Hero Knight 2002 Online
a Vice-Leader
Is Rusha
Hero Knight 1085 Offline
Shar Siwen
Druid 1719 Offline
a Member
Knight 2053 Offline
Black Kinight
Hero Knight 1656 Offline
Dadin Magnata
Paladin 1569 Offline
Dat Knight
Hero Knight 1620 Offline
Druid 1201 Offline
HL Guizin Mage
Hero Sorcerer 1508 Offline
Jon Jones
Hero Knight 1800 Offline
Kinazinha Loka
Hero Knight 1842 Offline
Lady Gaby
Druid 1448 Offline
ls ReVOlTs
Hero Knight 1792 Offline
Master Maker
Hero Druid 1434 Offline
Mini Showtiime
Hero Knight 1611 Offline
Mr Canarinho
Hero Druid 1406 Offline
Naomi Kina
Hero Knight 1603 Offline
Op Ll Op Kee
Knight 1815 Offline
Hero Knight 2416 Offline
Sorcerer 1602 Offline
Druid 1860 Offline
Knight 1408 Offline
Shar Siwenn
Hero Knight 2122 Offline
Special Way
Sorcerer 1196 Offline
Vendedor De Addons
Druid 1303 Offline
Xx Dan Guer Xx
Hero Knight 1723 Offline

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

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