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Guild Information
HL Corujja is guild leader of Loading.
The guild was founded on Heroserv on 10 August 2023.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
the Leader
HL Corujja
Hero Druid 2100 Offline
Syr Lincoln'Rusha
Hero Paladin 1923 Offline
a Vice-Leader
HL Kinas
Hero Knight 2089 Offline
HL Risen
Sorcerer 1796 Offline
a Member
Danilo Paladin
Paladin 1242 Offline
Hiroserv Um
Druid 502 Offline
HL Anjiinha Do Mal
Hero Druid 2000 Offline
HL Apolo
Paladin 1563 Offline
HL Bem Bolado
Sorcerer 1234 Offline
HL Brenda
Sorcerer 2021 Offline
HL Brenda Kina
Hero Knight 547 Offline
HL Brendinha
Druid 1632 Offline
HL Darth Maul
Paladin 1122 Offline
HL Game Over
Sorcerer 1600 Offline
HL Gollpe Baixo
Hero Sorcerer 1979 Offline
HL Hatsune
Knight 2101 Offline
HL Heazz
Hero Druid 1955 Offline
HL Lord Morcego
Hero Knight 2110 Offline
HL Poseidon
Druid 987 Offline
HL Tobirama Senju
Hero Sorcerer 1529 Offline
HL Yoda
Hero Druid 1786 Offline
HL Zaygron
Knight 1704 Offline
Hero Druid 1008 Offline
ls Knight Strike
Druid 1781 Offline
ls Paladix Off Hell
Paladin 2026 Offline
Hero Knight 2034 Online
Royal Brunin
Hero Paladin 1688 Offline
Sir Tuka
Knight 1412 Offline
Hero Druid 586 Offline
Hero Druid 517 Offline
Druid 508 Offline
Druid 958 Offline
Hero Druid 1015 Offline
Hero Druid 505 Offline

Invited Characters

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