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Guild Information
CHiMeNe is guild leader of CONTRA WAR.
The guild was founded on Heroserv on 10 May 2019.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
Druid 1529 Offline
Demon Hunte
Sorcerer 1703 Offline
HL Guardian Power Fenix
Druid 1642 Offline
HL Gui Rusha
Druid 1403 Offline
Leo Rusha
Druid 1838 Offline
HL Blocker Zi Ka
Druid 1856 Offline
HL Palhaco Tenebroso
Druid 1178 Offline
Sorcerer Mata
Sorcerer 1456 Offline
Assassino Druid
Druid 1910 Offline
Hero Druid 2043 Offline
Sorcerer 847 Offline
Bruxa Scarlat
Hero Druid 1994 Offline
Chaves Black
Druid 1059 Offline
Druid 1657 Offline
Douglas Dias
Hero Druid 1832 Offline
Druid Gui Rusha
Druid 1516 Offline
Eu Mato Lvl High
Druid 1782 Offline
Druid 1954 Offline
Druid 965 Offline
Gui Zeraah
Druid 1790 Offline
Hi Tek
Hero Druid 865 Offline
HL Ajudante Xp
Druid 626 Offline
HL Castle Leo Pega
Druid 1000 Offline
HL Co Xi Nha
Hero Druid 1501 Offline
HL Corrujja
Druid 1412 Offline
HL Druid And Gui
Druid 8 Offline
HL Ga Ku
Druid 1262 Offline
HL Gosminha Vip
Druid 697 Offline
HL Jose Catarrinho
Druid 1196 Offline
HL Ki Ri Tc
Druid 1023 Offline
HL Knight Do Caos
Knight 108 Offline
HL Knight Klass
Knight 8 Offline
HL Koringa'loko
Druid 610 Offline
HL Lion Rush
Druid 1012 Offline
HL Miya Bou
Druid 1274 Offline
Hero Druid 1669 Offline
HL Nick Own
Hero Druid 1014 Offline
HL Pa Ki Tao
Paladin 108 Offline
HL Renato Rusha
Druid 1633 Offline
HL Ryou Rush
Druid 1012 Offline
HL Side Show Bod
Druid 1012 Offline
HL Soldado Invernal
Druid 8 Offline
HL Stickgoad
Paladin 212 Offline
HL Styck In My Sorcerer
Sorcerer 8 Offline
HL The Second
Knight 8 Offline
HL Verdinhoo Du Boom
Druid 1005 Offline
HL Your Are Dead
Druid 8 Offline
Ls Druid And Gui
Hero Druid 2069 Offline
Ls Mu Le Ke T'op
Hero Knight 1022 Offline
Matador Japa
Druid 1859 Offline
Menina Gata
Druid 1728 Offline
Meu Deus
Hero Druid 2000 Offline
Meus Vidas
Knight 108 Offline
Mix Hina Lover
Druid 1835 Offline
Mix Pvp
Druid 1776 Offline
Druid 1770 Offline
Namikaze Minato
Hero Druid 2037 Offline
Pa Kii Tao
Paladin 1536 Offline
Pau Lin Ho
Druid 1218 Offline
Paladin 108 Offline
Druid 1019 Offline
Rafael Donate
Hero Druid 1823 Offline
Hero Druid 682 Offline
Ren Zi Ka
Druid 2002 Offline
Renato Rusha
Druid 1002 Offline
Rip Cnb
Druid 1118 Offline
Druid 801 Offline
Hero Druid 894 Offline
Sorcerer 1468 Offline
Ryu No Su Ke
Hero Druid 2013 Offline
Sa Ku Ra Chan
Druid 1008 Offline
Sa Ku Ra Ko Suki
Druid 974 Offline
Sakana Zeraah
Hero Druid 1811 Offline
Druid 695 Offline
Sorcerer 813 Offline
Tegoshi Ryuuzaki
Paladin 1004 Offline
Tony Caltre
Druid 1236 Offline
Traficante De Cu
Knight 1583 Offline
Druid 1003 Offline
Yuuya Mix Pvp
Hero Druid 1934 Offline
Paladin 943 Offline

Invited Characters

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