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Currently 16 players are online - 16 are active and 0 is AFK on Heroserv.

Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
2 7 2 5
Balvin758Master Sorcerer
Bem Bem1997Elite Knight
GuiiZiNhOo2207Elder Druid
HL Matador Do Mal1079Elder Druid
Honda Jdm1756Elder Druid
Is Draculinha Is1683Royal Paladin
Is Guiih1678Elite Knight
Lord Willians1577Elder Druid
ls Hover Kill1250Elite Knight
LuCao'RuSha2024Elder Druid
Mage Rullexin1685Royal Paladin
Mas Ter Ook Hro Shu600Knight
MeXicaN'PoweR2470Elder Druid
Phoenix Rusha1954Elite Knight
RafaoO'RuSha2660Elder Druid

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