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Currently 20 players are online - 21 are active and -1 is AFK on Heroserv.

Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
2 11 2 5
Bjornss1686Royal PaladinCidade Principal
Cabecademoranga1050Elder DruidCidade Principal
Cade Meus Points1323Elite KnightCidade Principal
Clay1742Elder DruidCidade Principal
Cold Mist1790Elite KnightCidade Principal
Druid Rush1059Elder DruidCidade Principal
Druiid Desossaunknown2064Elder DruidCidade Principal
HendrikseN2143Elder DruidCidade Principal
Kazeusbr438Elite KnightCidade Principal
Luiza Love2309Elder DruidCidade Principal
Matrona601Royal PaladinCidade Principal
Mcserverbr132DruidCidade Iniciantes
Mr Roberth1533Master SorcererCidade Principal
My Sorc1423Master SorcererCidade Principal
Nightfaller448Elite KnightCidade Principal
oO CHuCkY1672Elder DruidCidade Principal
Pinikinho2018Elder DruidCidade Principal
The Colossusbr2079Elder DruidCidade Principal
Tryndameree711Elite KnightCidade Principal
Xerolainee1642Elder DruidCidade Principal

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