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Character Information
Marital status:single
Profession:Hero Paladin
Guild Membership:the Leader of the Invictus
Balance:300000000 gold coins
Last login:25 March 2019, 1:19 am
Comment:DOMINADO !

Player Health: 5409765/5409765
Player Mana:1466410/1466410
Player Level:2031
Player Experience:139337174965 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 86777635 EXP to Level 2032.
Level ML Fist Mace Sword Axe Dist Def Fish
2031 89 68 10 10 10 400 95 10
Lord Vampire
Golden Helmet
Demon Helmet
Demon Legs
Pits of Inferno

18 Mar 2019, 00:41slain at level 2037 by Yves Saint, T i O P a T i n H a S, Annihilator, Shadow Striker, DAMONICK, ls skoLzin and ls BayerN MunCheN
18 Mar 2019, 00:19crushed at level 2043 by ls skoLzin, T i O P a T i n H a S, Yves Saint, Slave Death, Shadow Striker, Annihilator, LocKeD DowN, DAMONICK, ls BayerN MunCheN and ls BeeBlack
18 Mar 2019, 00:10slain at level 2049 by LocKeD DowN, T i O P a T i n H a S, Shadow Striker, Yves Saint, ls skoLzin, T h a N o S, DAMONICK and Ankramun
18 Mar 2019, 00:07crushed at level 2055 by T h a N o S, Yves Saint, LocKeD DowN, JaY'GaTsBY, ls skoLzin, Ankramun, ls BeeBlack, DAMONICK, Slave Death and T i O P a T i n H a S
9 Mar 2019, 23:38crushed at level 2062 by Hl Seu Cuca, T h a N o S, V M B, JaY'GaTsBY, LocKeD DowN, ls Sirius'RuSha, Ankramun, B l o o D H a D e R, Annihilator, MeXicaN'PoweR and BoB'MaRleY
9 Mar 2019, 23:32slain at level 2068 by T h a N o S, V M B, ls BeeBlack, DAMONICK, Ankramun, BoB'MaRleY, ls Sirius Draco and Shao'KhaN
9 Mar 2019, 23:27slain at level 2074 by Draco Malfoy, ls Sirius'RuSha, B l o o D H a D e R, V M B, ls Sirius Draco, LeBron'JameS, DAMONICK, MeXicaN'PoweR and ls BeeBlack
9 Mar 2019, 22:47crushed at level 2081 by V M B, Annihilator, ls Sirius'RuSha, ls Sirius Draco, Hl Seu Cuca, JaY'GaTsBY, DAMONICK, Ankramun, ls indigente, LocKeD DowN and LeBron'JameS
9 Mar 2019, 22:42crushed at level 2087 by ls indigente, Annihilator, LocKeD DowN, Draco Malfoy, DAMONICK, Hl Seu Cuca, Ankramun, T h a N o S, LeBron'JameS and Slave Death
9 Mar 2019, 22:39crushed at level 2093 by DarK SuN, Annihilator, B l o o D H a D e R, LocKeD DowN, T h a N o S, Hl Seu Cuca, JaY'GaTsBY, Slave Death, DAMONICK, V M B, LeBron'JameS, Ankramun and Draco Malfoy

18 Mar 2019, 00:39 He fragged ls Sirius'RuSha at level 1996. (Justified)
18 Mar 2019, 00:28 He fragged ls BeeBlack at level 1877. (Unjustified)
18 Mar 2019, 00:26 He fragged JaY'GaTsBY at level 2004. (Justified)
18 Mar 2019, 00:18 He fragged JaY'GaTsBY at level 2010. (Unjustified)
18 Mar 2019, 00:17 He fragged ls BeeBlack at level 1883. (Justified)
18 Mar 2019, 00:16 He fragged Yves Saint at level 1800. (Unjustified)
18 Mar 2019, 00:15 He fragged T h a N o S at level 1995. (Justified)
18 Mar 2019, 00:05 He fragged Yves Saint at level 1811. (Unjustified)
18 Mar 2019, 00:03 He fragged ls skoLzin at level 1818. (Justified)
18 Mar 2019, 00:03 He fragged JaY'GaTsBY at level 2023. (Justified)
Account Information
Real name:Lucas Felipe :3 / Raf√£oO ;d
Location:AH VENDA (12) 98700-1518
Last login:24 March 2019, 2:29 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

1. Aka'saintHeroserv2002 Hero DruidOffline
2. LuCao'RuShaHeroserv2031 Hero PaladinOffline
3. RonaldaHeroserv2001 Hero DruidOffline
4. Sirius DracoHeroserv1988 Hero DruidOffline

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