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Currently 21 players are online - 19 are active and 2 are AFK on Heroserv.

Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
3 10 3 5
Mahsantos8Elite Knight
Sxizzcraxx Jrmx396Elite Knight
Xnvbr464Elite Knight
Marco Veio744Master Sorcerer
Chico Bioca825Elite Knight
Jheniferbr1149Royal Paladin
HL Side Show Bob1195Elder Druid
L'O'S'T1220Elder Druid
Lord Alfaus1225Royal Paladin
Honda Jdm1316Elder Druid
Kendrick Lamar1520Elder Druid
Ainz1525Master Sorcerer
Monster Pally1713Royal Paladin
Is Guiih1846Elite Knight
S t r o n G1899Elder Druid
Aka'saint1904Elder Druid
PreeTiiinHoO1986Elder Druid
DAMONICK2002Elder Druid
Slave Death2023Elder Druid
'2036Master Sorcerer
Breno'RuSha2047Elder Druid

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