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Currently 14 players are online - 14 are active and 0 is AFK on Heroserv.

Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
3 6 3 2
DieGO'RuShA1665Elder Druid
HL Best Druid Br1713Elder Druid
HL Kepler1843Elite Knight
iFoooxForeveeR1724Elder Druid
IoNe'S ScooT1460Master Sorcerer
Jon Jones1842Elder Druid
KiNg KoNg2033Elder Druid
Locatteli1390Elite Knight
ls Black RulleX1960Royal Paladin
Mage Rullexin1833Royal Paladin
Muleque Top1585Elder Druid
Rusha Pally547Royal Paladin
Sarrapusloco1055Master Sorcerer
Tiguere Chancho1212Master Sorcerer

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