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Character Information
Name:oh PaTo'LoKO
Marital status:single
Profession:Hero Druid
Guild Membership:a Vice-Leader of the Invictus
Balance:0 gold coins
Last login:21 February 2019, 1:12 am
Comment:21:54 ReturNs NoHunT [1682]: é q gabriel é mt nub e char love tbm
Player Health: 2662170/2662170
Player Mana:388608/702255
Player Level:2003
Player Experience:133581790534 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 152109866 EXP to Level 2004.
Level ML Fist Mace Sword Axe Dist Def Fish
2003 155 24 10 10 10 10 31 10
Lord Vampire
Golden Helmet
Demon Helmet
Demon Legs
Pits of Inferno

18 Feb 2019, 17:16slain at level 1944 by B l o o D H a D e R, ReturNs NoHunT, HL Cannabis Baiano, AnJo'CaiDo, Slave Death and iFoooxForeveeR
18 Feb 2019, 00:42slain at level 1939 by LocKeD DowN, Draco Malfoy, T i O P a T i n H a S, treptin and HendrikseN
18 Feb 2019, 00:37slain at level 1945 by T i O P a T i n H a S, Ankramun, iFoooxForeveeR, Draco Malfoy, LocKeD DowN and ls ToNy'CounTry
17 Feb 2019, 23:58killed at level 1951 by Draco Malfoy, BoB'MaRleY and AnJo'CaiDo
17 Feb 2019, 21:23killed at level 1943 by Mr Cruel, iFoooxForeveeR and ReturNs NoHunT
17 Feb 2019, 10:55slain at level 1902 by Ankramun, ls Freeza, ls Sirius'RuSha, iFoooxForeveeR, DAMONICK and ls Lion Killer
17 Feb 2019, 10:44slain at level 1908 by DAMONICK, Ankramun, iFoooxForeveeR, ls Freeza and Tentox
17 Feb 2019, 05:07killed at level 1914 by ls BayerN MunCheN and Annihilator
16 Feb 2019, 18:11killed at level 1919 by P a u l i n h O, ls Freeza and V M B
14 Feb 2019, 17:50killed at level 1880 by HL Jenn Ledger, HL Hulk Foda and iFoooxForeveeR

20 Feb 2019, 12:13 He fragged Nob Kill at level 443. (Justified)
20 Feb 2019, 12:03 He fragged Scardovelli at level 389. (Justified)
20 Feb 2019, 12:02 He fragged Scardovelli at level 392. (Justified)
20 Feb 2019, 11:58 He fragged Guii at level 1006. (Justified)
20 Feb 2019, 00:27 He fragged T i O P a T i n H a S at level 1982. (Justified)
20 Feb 2019, 00:24 He fragged LocKeD DowN at level 1858. (Justified)
20 Feb 2019, 00:23 He fragged iFoooxForeveeR at level 1944. (Justified)
20 Feb 2019, 00:21 He fragged LocKeD DowN at level 1864. (Justified)
20 Feb 2019, 00:20 He fragged iFoooxForeveeR at level 1950. (Justified)
20 Feb 2019, 00:16 He fragged T i O P a T i n H a S at level 1988. (Justified)
Account Information
Real name:L.F :3
Location:Fogo Inveja
Last login:20 February 2019, 7:26 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

1. De BorestHeroserv1131 Hero DruidOffline
2. oh PaTo'LoKOHeroserv2003 Hero DruidOffline

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