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Character Information
Name:C h i t a
Marital status:single
Profession:Hero Druid
Guild Membership:a Member of the Invictus
Balance:1000000 gold coins
Last login:18 March 2019, 9:49 pm
Comment:Fu Ck The Be St
Player Health: 683735/683735
Player Mana:894479/978840
Player Level:1671
Player Experience:77618681310 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 5841290 EXP to Level 1672.
Level ML Fist Mace Sword Axe Dist Def Fish
1671 149 22 10 13 10 10 27 10
Lord Vampire
Golden Helmet
Demon Helmet
Demon Legs
Pits of Inferno

18 Mar 2019, 21:49killed at level 1677 by AnJo'CaiDo, DAMONICK, Razgriz and Nome Ilegal
18 Mar 2019, 19:35killed at level 1682 by Annihilator, T i O P a T i n H a S and Shadow Striker
18 Mar 2019, 19:31killed at level 1694 by Nome Ilegal, Shadow Striker, Annihilator and ls BayerN MunCheN
18 Mar 2019, 19:29slain at level 1699 by Nome Ilegal, Annihilator, iFoooxForeveeR, ls BayerN MunCheN and JaY'GaTsBY
18 Mar 2019, 19:27killed at level 1704 by iFoooxForeveeR, T i O P a T i n H a S, Annihilator and Nome Ilegal
9 Mar 2019, 23:29killed at level 1698 by treptin
9 Mar 2019, 23:10crushed at level 1700 by Annihilator, Hl Seu Cuca, BoB'MaRleY, iFoooxForeveeR, B l o o D H a D e R, Ankramun, Thayron Dalost, ls Sirius'RuSha, ls Sirius Draco, Shao'KhaN and ls indigente
9 Mar 2019, 23:09slain at level 1705 by ls indigente, V M B, DAMONICK, BoB'MaRleY, Ankramun, ls Sirius'RuSha, LeBron'JameS and Hl Seu Cuca
9 Mar 2019, 23:06slain at level 1710 by Annihilator, JaY'GaTsBY, Shao'KhaN, HendrikseN, LeBron'JameS, ls Sirius Draco, Ankramun and ls Sirius'RuSha
9 Mar 2019, 23:04slain at level 1716 by JaY'GaTsBY, B l o o D H a D e R, V M B, LuCao'RuSha, BoB'MaRleY, ls Sirius'RuSha, Thayron Dalost, LeBron'JameS and treptin

18 Mar 2019, 21:52 He fragged Razgriz at level 1185. (Justified)
18 Mar 2019, 21:50 He fragged Nome Ilegal at level 1616. (Justified)
18 Mar 2019, 21:45 He fragged DAMONICK at level 2015. (Justified)
18 Mar 2019, 19:34 He fragged ls BayerN MunCheN at level 1991. (Unjustified)
18 Mar 2019, 19:31 He fragged Sirius Draco at level 1976. (Justified)
11 Mar 2019, 19:04 He fragged JaY'GaTsBY at level 1889. (Justified)
11 Mar 2019, 19:03 He fragged De Borest at level 1318. (Justified)
11 Mar 2019, 19:02 He fragged Red Eyes at level 1073. (Justified)
11 Mar 2019, 19:00 He fragged Abu Abagdhadi at level 1257. (Justified)
11 Mar 2019, 18:57 He fragged KpeTaO JuNiOR at level 1500. (Justified)
Account Information
Real name:Javier Salazar
Location:Representando México siempre! Adiós!!
Last login:18 March 2019, 7:21 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

1. C h i t aHeroserv1671 Hero DruidOffline
2. Slc Em CachoreiraaHeroserv8 Hero KnightOffline

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