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Guild Information
CHiMeNe is guild leader of CONTRA WAR.
The guild was founded on Heroserv on 10 May 2019.

Guild Members
Rank Name Vocation Level Status
the Leader
Hero Druid 874 Offline
Especial Sorcerer
Hero Sorcerer 940 Offline
a Vice-Leader
Leo Rusha
Druid 1660 Offline
Sorcerer Mata
Hero Sorcerer 917 Offline
a Member
Sorcerer 847 Offline
Bruxa Scarlat
Druid 108 Offline
Bruxo Macumbeiro
Sorcerer 108 Offline
Druid 408 Offline
Demon Hunte
Hero Sorcerer 1009 Offline
Douglas Dias
Druid 1037 Offline
Druid Gui Rusha
Hero Druid 950 Offline
Eu Mato Lvl High
Druid 616 Online
Druid 108 Offline
Filho Do Master Dead
Druid 8 Offline
Druid 965 Offline
Gui Zeraah
Druid 108 Offline
Hi Tek
Hero Druid 858 Offline
HL Ajudante Xp
Hero Druid 615 Online
HL Blocker Zi Ka
Druid 522 Offline
HL Castle Leo Pega
Druid 844 Offline
HL Corrujja
Druid 516 Offline
HL Druid And Gui
Druid 8 Offline
HL Feiticeira Do Caos
Druid 8 Offline
HL Ga Ku
Druid 600 Offline
HL Gosminha Vip
Hero Druid 695 Offline
HL Guardian Power Fenix
Hero Druid 1396 Offline
HL Gui Rusha
Druid 1000 Offline
HL Jose Catarrinho
Hero Druid 1115 Offline
HL Ki Ri Tc
Druid 8 Offline
HL Knight Do Caos
Knight 108 Offline
HL Knight Klass
Knight 8 Offline
HL Koringa'loko
Hero Druid 610 Offline
HL Lion Rush
Druid 8 Offline
HL Meu Deus
Sorcerer 8 Offline
HL Miya Bou
Druid 1272 Offline